Creating Your Path to Health

Through Health Coaching 

Meet Annmarie

Duke Trained Certified Integrative Health Coach

2020 presented a lot of change with the advent of Covid-19, subsequent lock-downs, quarantines, remote working and schooling and with these changes came opportunity to shift gears and create my own change. I found myself at a crossroads, consistently coming back to my health, bringing more purpose and meaningful adjustments to my life. While continuing my career as a Employee Benefits Consultant, I decided to pursue my passion in helping others striving to improve their health and wellness through lifestyle changes. I attended the Integrative Professional Health Coaching program at Duke University where I continue to study today, furthering my coaching skills as I work towards my national boards certification.  

As a wife and mother of three children, I have often struggled with sustainable, healthy habits from eating to exercise to getting sufficient amounts of sleep to developing mindful awareness of choices. For me, my health is a journey with turns, bumps in the road, successes and setbacks. Focusing on the positive, finding joy within and being grateful for successes, disappointments, many lessons learned and now the opportunity to help others achieve their vision of optimal health and wellness is my passion, my journey.


Areas of Focus 

Mind-Body Connection

Mindful Eating

Building a Healthy Lifestyle

Establishing SMART Goals

Movement, Exercise & Rest

The Journey Towards Health Begins With You. Begin Your Journey Today.

Health Coaching is partnering with a client to achieve lasting change.

Lasting change starts with creating small steps to specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals.

The path to a healthier you starts with you.

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