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Coffee & Me

Growing up in a large family (6 brothers and 2 sisters), tea was the center of time well-spent together whether catching up around the kitchen table, after school while doing homework or in the evenings. Today, coffee is my center with tea remaining in the evening line-up. I started drinking coffee in my early thirties as a result of many business meetings centered around coffee and also the advent of Starbuck's lattes. I eased my way into drinking coffee with adding milk and sugar, then slowly moving to flavored coffees like french vanilla and hazelnut. My additives changed over time to skim milk and Splenda to almond milk, and now primarily black. There are three things I love about coffee. First is my routine of drinking coffee in the morning. I love waking-up, starting the pot of coffee to brew and sitting down while it's still quiet to enjoy my first hot cup of coffee before the day begins for the rest of the house. It's my time alone to savor my freshly brewed, typically large mug of coffee, while contemplating my day ahead. Writing about this brings a smile to my face. Coffee while tea in my early years is social. I love the social aspect of getting coffee with friends and family. My kids share my love for coffee, which provides me with an opportunity to connect with them. Social connections, circles of people, whether it be family, friends, colleagues, are important relationships that foster my overall sense of wellbeing and coffee plays a leading role in those connections. Lastly, coffee is an acquired taste. At least it was for me. Today, I can wholeheartedly say that I love the taste of coffee!

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