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Working from home has undeniable benefits, with home-made meals, comfy clothes, and zero commute time being just a few. One of my favorite perks, however, is having lunch with my spouse and playing a game of cards. Both of us can be a bit competitive (my spouse will refer to me as the “luckiest cards player” whenever I win) … a seemingly family trait that has been passed down for generations.

Our lunchtime match-up usually consists of one game, if time is tight, or best of three if the matches don’t take too long. But on the rare occasions when one of us is in the ‘I-can’t-lose-right-now’ mind frame, best of five is usually warranted. Following our lunchtime matchup, a champion is crowned and celebrated… unless of course our kids decide de-thrown said mid-day champion with a post-dinner game.

Spite and Malice, our usual game of choice, is essentially solitaire played with two people with a bit more luck and strategy mixed in. Originally named Caprette, and sometimes referred to as Cat and Mouse, Spite and Malice has been around for years. Honeymoon Whist, the two-player version of Whist, is another card game we play and the favorite family card game Scat, is a player elimination game, sometimes referred to as 31 or Blitz.

The games are fun, light-hearted and provide us with time away from our desks, to connect, laugh, and relieve some stress. While working from home has many perks, it also has its challenges, especially human engagement. Here are few of ways to break-up your day, get-out and engage with others when working from home:

· Meeting a colleague, friend or neighbor for coffee or lunch;

· Taking your laptop to a local café for a change in location,

· Working-out with a group; or

· Simply going for a walk with a friend.

With spring around the corner, I am looking forward to sitting outside at one of our local cafes to enjoy the spring sunshine and fresh-air all while working. What are some of your favorite home office perks?


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