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September: A Return to Routine

September brings about many transitions with the return to school, start-up of fall sports, cooler nights and of course, the changing color of leaves. With these transitions, there is a return to routine from the seemingly endless days of summer where many of us, me included, stayed up later than usual, vacationed and spent a lot of quality time with our family and friends. While I love summer and the many breaks summer provides from school drop-offs to homework to making lunches, I crave the return to a routine. So, I welcome September, and October even more.

Returning to a routine brings about opportunities to reset, adjust and incorporate desired changes. I use the month of September to take stock of my health by reassessing my diet as well as my exercise and sleep routines. I look for ways to attain desired change within my routines that are simple, doable and realistic. Small, thoughtful changes, aka one step at a time, made during September leads to lasting change in October, then November, and so on. My September small steps include, being more mindful with my nutrition by reading labels and making healthier choices, going to bed earlier, eliminating scrolling through social media and instead, reading a book. These small changes boost my energy and contentment, plus I’m doing something I love, reading!

Impactful, lasting change is made through small steps. To learn more about making lasting change through small steps, check out one of my favorite books, One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer, PhD.

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